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MONTBLANC is a prestigious German brand of pens

The Montblanc company was born from the association of three men, the papermaker Claus Johannes Voss, the banker Alfred Nehemias, both from Hamburg, and the Berlin engineer August Eberstein. Eberstein and Nehemias discover in the United States and in England the first fountain pen functioning with its own reservoir, and which does not leak. Back in Hamburg, the three men designed a similar fountain pen in 1906 with an "integrated" inkwell, with a demand for higher quality. Eberstein created the Simplizissimus-Füllhalter company in Berlin for this purpose, a firm renamed the "Simplon Filler Pen Company" in 1907 when the three men pooled their skills and financial resources. . A year later, the three partners set up their factory in the Schanzen district of Hamburg. In 1913, the Montblanc star (white star on the cap, symbolizing the snow-capped summit and the six glacial valleys of Mont Blanc) became the brand logo and the new company name (Montblanc Simplo GmbH ), and all the pens made bear this « star » made up not of 6 points but of 6 rounded contours. In 2009, this brand held 60% of the world market for high-end pens.For more details see:

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