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SHEAFFER is an American pen manufacturer from the early twentieth century.

Following the invention of the first fountain pen by Waterman in 1884, other inventors will work to improve this product. At the beginning of 1900, A. SHEAFFER, then a jeweler in Fort Madison, was selling jewelry, watches and occasionally a few pens. At the time, these are equipped with a tank filling by a removable ring system compressing a rubber hose. Walter SHEAFFER had the idea of replacing this unsightly accessory with a lever that was folded into the barrel of the pen, which made it almost invisible. And above all, there was no longer any risk of spilling the ink by inadvertently pressing the rubber. The patent was filed in 1912, and the SHEAFFER company was created in 1913. In 1945, James F. BYRNES, then US Secretary of State, used a SHEAFFER pen to sign the document constituent of the United Nations. Returned to the Bic group in 1997, SHEAFFER was sold in August 2014 to A. T. Cross Company for 15 million dollars. For years SHEAFFER made very high-end fountain pens. For more details see:

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