List of products by brand CONKLIN

American brand from the end of the 19th century

Conklin was officially founded in 1898, but its founder, Roy Conklin, had been in the fountain pen business since 1891. The success of the company was mainly due to the invention of the Crescent Filler, the first really functional automatic filling mechanism. But after its initial period the company underwent a gradual decline, completely ceasing production around the 1948. The brand was recreated in 2000 with the production of pens that reflect the design of the old models. The Conklin had the maximum of its success at the beginning of the '900, when it became the market leader thanks to the Crescent Filler, but was not able to keep up with competitors in subsequent innovations, and although in the subsequent years it produced pens of undoubted value and excellent quality, still much sought by collectors, success the company was no longer been able to innovate, gradually losing market share and remaining constantly behind its competitors such as WATERMAN or EVERSHARP. For more details see:

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