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French brand from the beginning of the 20th century

This company was founded by MM. Kothe and Vannier in 1919. Specialized books are very discreet about this brand. There are photos of the main models but no history, no anecdotes, and very few advertisements. One can wonder why a mark having had such an important production and of such good quality did not interest more the historians of the pen. However, this company started like the others after the First World War and also delivered to the public mechanical pencils, SAFETY and PSF in hard rubber and metal. In 1932 the DUOCOLOR appeared, a pen with two nibs which could therefore write in two different colours. The mechanics were very sophisticated, the exit of a feather causing the retraction of the other. This technological marvel proved to be rather inefficient and did not meet with great success, especially as its price was very high. It is now highly sought after by collectors, but only for the wealthiest among them because its price is skyrocketing. After a large number of models produced, UNIC disappeared at the beginning of the sixties, as discreetly as it had existed. For more details see :

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