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The oldest French brand.

It is certainly the best-known French brand among collectors and the general public. The former know his career punctuated by prestigious stages: foundation in 1842, therefore a very old company, invention of the first pen, the Siphoïde, preponderance in the field of the steel nib and writing objects. The Siphoïde, first pen for some, ancestor only for others, was created by Jean Benoit MALLAT in 1864. The piston filling system driven by a threaded rod and nut Was certainly complicated but it certainly represented at the time a big progress compared to the nibs reservoirs. It is difficult to know what was the commercial success met by this invention but it is indisputable that it marks an important stage in the history of the pen. After decades of manufacturing, the fountain pen activity disappeared almost completely around 1960 after the absorption of the EDACOTO company. MALLAT continues to produce office equipment including low-end cartridge pens. In the mid-1990s the firm was taken over by an international writing materials company. Thus disappeared a brand that was an example of classicism and reliability. For more details see:

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