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French brand from the beginning of the 20th century.

The first pens resemble those of Conway Stewart from whom they originated; this filiation also explains why the sound of this brand is so English. But let us hasten to say that despite its name, the company GOLD STRARRY, created in 1921, is French and that its products will soon get rid of the influence of Conway Stewart. These are first regular and SAFETY in black or marbled bonite, followed by other series, always designated by numbers like the 250 range composed mainly of SAFETY and that of the 86 including SAFETY and PSF. After the Second World War, society also suffered from the crisis that hit this industry. At first it resisted by manufacturing cartridge pens and participating with other manufacturers in the launch of VISORPEN brand. The GOLD STRARRY company closed its doors in 1980 after sixty years of activity, which represents an achievement for a French company. The production was most often of high quality with a very marked concern for aesthetics. For more details see:

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