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PELIKAN is a famous and prestigious German brand of pens

This brand has been around since 1838 but only made pens from 1929. Early fountain pens used a rather complicated manual piston refill system which limited the amount of ink drawn in. A Hungarian engineer, Theodor Kovacs, invented a new piston system with differential gears and compensation chambers, the patents of which he sold to Günther Wagner. In 1929, Pelikan began to market its first fountain pen shortly after acquiring this patent. The first model was the Souveran. Different models followed, aimed more at a well-to-do clientele. The range was completed from 1955 by its ballpoint pens tuned to fountain pens, then rollerballs. Pelikan nevertheless continued to produce fountain pens as prestige instruments. The range offered, still using the same piston system, is centered around the Souveran. The Souveran is available in several models of different sizes (the M1000, M800, M600, M400, M300, etc.) and different colors. Some models are offered in a transparent version (Demonstrator) revealing the famous piston system which is the particularity of Pelikan pens. Like other prestigious writing instrument houses, Pelikan regularly offers deluxe limited editions. For more details see:

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