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PARKER is with WATERMAN one of the oldest brands of pens.

After the invention of the first fountain pen by Waterman in 1884 in the United States, George Parker improved the technique. George S. Parker was originally a telegraphy trainer in Janesville, Wisconsin. It was while selling pens from the John Holland Gold Pen Company to his students that he came up with the idea of improving the ink supply system. Indeed, at the time the flow of ink is very irregular and there are many stains. The first patent was filed in 1889. The major innovation was the development of the Lucky Curve conduit in 1894, a device supposed to regulate the flow of ink in the body of the pen when the -this is not used. George S. Parker founded the Parker Pen Company in 1891 in Janesville, where a factory was built there. From the 1920s to the 1960s, before the development of the ballpoint pen, Parker secured an important place among manufacturers of writing instruments. In 1921, Parker launched the Duofold pen, which surprised by its size, its color (orange-red), and its price. Its success is ensured by a major advertising campaign. This pen has been reissued since 1988 and is the brand's top of the range. In 1931, the company introduced Quink quick-drying ink. The Parker 51, a pen designed by Bauhaus-inspired designer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, was launched in 1941. The model enjoyed significant success during the Second World War, being adopted by most American soldiers writing to their families. Nearly 20 million Parker 51 units have been sold since its introduction. In 1969, its sales exceeded 400 million dollars. In 1992, the company Gillette, world leader in shaving products as well as pens (with the Waterman brand), bought the holding company Parker Pen Holding Ltd. of Britain, which operates the Parker brand. In 2000, Newell Rubbermaid Inc. purchased Gillette's stationery business, including Parker and Waterman pens.For more details see:

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